Starting Rate:

 $15+ per hour


The above rate is figured into local trips. 

Out of town & Overnight Packages may vary in pricing, depending upon the scheduled event(s) and destination.

The trip rate covers the following expenses;

Activities & event(s), breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel expenses (for overnight stays), show & event tickets, round trip gas, van maintenance, and much more. 

We only accept payments via cash, debit, or credit cards. Payments must be paid in full prior to departure. All deposits must be made by a credit or debit card over the phone to secure your space.

Important: Call us to verify space is available. Deposits will be required at the time of booking. You must pay half of the total cost. Note: Refunds that go back on a credit or debit card may take up to ten business days to show on your account. 

According to

A senior transportation business typically charges between $30 and $60 an hour. Rates are higher in larger cities and lower in smaller towns, where the cost of living is lower. These rates are based on an 8-hour work day.

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